1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter

This professional Clamp Meter provides AC/DC current and voltage readings regardless of waveforms. It is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. The scissor clamp will fit 38mm diameter cables. Current range is 1-1000A. Dimensions: 229 x 80 x 49mm. Weight: 303g. Power: 1 x 9V PP3 Alkaline Battery (ALR-61).

[Compatible with all monitors.]

Gas Flow Meter (AMV309GF)

The gas flow sensor is a mass flow sensor that fits in either the torch gas line or could be used in a purge gas line. Measures from 0.1 to 20 lpm.

[Not compatible with the AMV3000. Customization of the AMV5000 required.]

Temperature Sensor (AMV309TEMP)

The temperature sensor uses an isolated battery power supply to keep the AMV electrically separated from the work piece and welding noise. This sensor is specifically designed to work with typical preheat and interpass temperatures in welding applications. Supplied with a standard K probe, but any K style thermocouple can be used. The temperature block is used to determine average, interpass and preheat temperature for the AMV3500, AMV4000 and AMV5000, for the AMV3000, mean temperature is measured. Range: 25-300 °C.

[Compatible with all monitors. Customization of the AMV3000 is required.]

Travel Speed Sensor (AMV309TS)

The travel speed sensor can be used with automated welding systems. For instance a welding turntable or a linear tractor system. The sensor has a contact roller so firm fixing is required. Gear boxes can be supplied to accommodate different travel speeds to the range list below. In the case of a turntable the travel speed can be calibrated to output RPM if required. Range: 0.1-2m/minute.

[Not compatible with the AMV3000. Customization of the AMV5000 required.]

Wire Feed Sensor (WFS) (AMV309WFT)

The Type 309 Wire Feed Sensor is a contact sensor designed for wire diameters from 0.9 to 4mm and can measure wire feed rates from 0.1–10 m/min. The AMV3000 uses an external converter and the sensing wheel needs to be ordered to cover the anticipated range.

[Compatible with all monitors.]

AMV3500 Storm Case (AMV3500CASE)

The lockable IP67-rated Peli Storm Case provides signficant additional protection and security for transporting the AMV3500 . The AMV3500 can also be used within the case to give additional protection.

[Compatible with the AMV3500.]