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Alarm notification

YES/NO real time visual indication of deviations from tolerance settings.

Setting of alarm levels to detect out of tolerance exceptions.

Arc or Segment Heat Input

Ideal for the manual welding of tubular sections.

Determines the heat input for individual arcs or segments and averages these heat inputs over the pass.


Especially applicable for claddinig or rotated pipe welds where the arc is not extinguished between passes.

Suitable for long continuous welds and enables increment passes while the arc is on.

Multi-Power Source

Applicable for high current welding, particularly SAW.

Linking of multiple current measurements for high current welding with multiple power sources feeding a single welding system.

Print Copy of Arc Averages

Enables rapid determination of 'as run' data.

Showing of the values of averages for each pass.

Print Copy of Pass Averages

Enables rapid determination of 'as run' data.

Showing of the values of averages for each pass.

QR Labelling for QA, QC and Traceability

Rapid, automatic traceability from production to client.

Complete traceability from for each weld, comprising: weld ID; operator; timestamp; geolocation; machine ID; process ID; specific energy, current, pass number and profile; client; project; batch; batch statistical analysis; shipping date; client receipt signature.

Resistance Drop

Permits superior monitoring close to the welding power source.

Estimation of the voltage drop along welding cables. Allows more convenient monitoring near the welding power source and enhances accuracy of the heat input calculation.

Statistical Analysis

Predict when equipment needs maintenance and detect high probability of weld defects.

Analysis of the mean and standard deviation of specific processes.

Store Transient Data

Enables process control and checking of the reliability of the power source.

Storage of waveform data. Retrieval and analysis of data offline. Exporting of data to Excell and JPG files.

Text File for Procedure Generation

Produce the welding procedure specification faster and more accurately.

Generation of the procedure "as run" data.

Trigger Levels

Ensures that only the active part of the weld is recorded.

Setting trigger levels for determining an arc-on condition. Setting the duration for 'slope-up' and 'slope-down' to prevent recording these as parts of the weld.

Wireless Connectivity and Data Collation

Real-time monitoring of the entire factory.

WiFi and BlueTooth enabled data collection and collation.