USB Monitor

The USB DAQ is convenient system to monitor noisy processes. It consists of a National Instruments DAQ and signal conditioning board. The USB DAQ was originally developed for arc weld monitoring so has been tried and tested in harsh environments.

Key Features
Develop monitoring programmes quickly using LabView software
National Instruments libraries are available for C++, VisualStudio and Python development
Example programme included
6 analogue channels and 4 digital signals.

All analogue channels can supply + and - 12 V to power sensors. The analogue output also includes 0 and 5 V lines. If the monitoring PC does not supply sufficient power there is an additional 5V input line to power the accessories. The input board isolates the DAQ input from the external signals and has a 5 kHz low pass filter.

DAQ USB-6009
Input range
Channel 1: 0-100V
Channel 2: 0-1V
Channel 3 to 6: 0-3V

W 205, H40, L165 (mm)

USB Monitor Overview

The development, production and testing of Triton Electronics' monitors are certified to ISO 9001.

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