The adaptability of the AMV3500 has made it the monitor of choice for a variety of applications. It provides state of the art analysis, essential for Process Development and Inspection, combined with the capacity to apply developed methods in Production, enabling enhanced statistically-based QA. These features make it a cost-effective tool for multi-purpose use in the Oil & Gas and multiple engineering sectors.Use the AMV 3500 for welding development: record and analyse the welding parameters. The AMV 3500 can monitor up to 6 channels of welding signals at 5,000 samples/second/channel.


Data is recorded and displayed and the system can calculate a range of statistical functions to measure weld quality and performance.

Record multi-pass average data (including heat input, arc energy, inter-pass temperature). Directly import this data into your procedure sheet, or save and access later for procedure development.

Configure two alarm levels so that welding failures can be immediately identified.

Key Features
Light and portable with touch screen display
Easy to configure for most weld types
Fast data acquisition over 6 channels
Measure up to 10 performance criteria e.g. arc current and heat input
Record, pause and resume
Save, export or print data
Amber/red alarm feature

Download: AMV3500 Overview

The development, production and testing of Triton Electronics’ monitors are certified to ISO 9001.